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Appin Regiment Standard696 viewsFrom the Military Museum, Edinburgh Castle.
Appin Regiment Banner Description454 viewsFrom the Military Museum, Edinburgh Castle.
Alastair448 viewsstanding in front of his new flag
Da Boys.jpg
Flying Colours482 viewsNiall, Alastair and Sandy
Text to Bringing Home the Colours493 viewsText to Accompany Bringing Home the Colours: Donald Livingstone. Note that there are a number of historical inaccuracies in this account!
Dr David Livingstones Letters1.jpg
Restoring Dr David Livingstone's Letters616 viewsArchivists restoring and deciphering Dr Livingstone's letters
Dr David Livingstones Letters2.jpg
Restoring Dr David Livingstone's Letters1053 viewsArchivists restoring Dr David Livingstone's letters
Dr David R Livingstone 2.JPG
Dr David R Livingstone572 viewsDr David R Livingstone of Saskatchewan.
Dr David R_ Livingstone.JPG
Dr David R Livingstone Photo710 viewsDr David R Livingstone of Saskatchewan.
Dr. David Livingstone602 viewsThe famous explorer Dr. David Livingstone, a Highland MacLea.
Picture from Ottawa Citizen, 2000.
gparents 1.jpg
My g/parents John Livingstone & Margaret McGillivary344 viewsMy g/parents with daughters Maggie, Barbara & Kate abt. early 1900's
H.L. Livingstone with his brothers608 viewsHarrison Lincoln Livingstone with his brothers, from Marble Mountain, Cape Breton.

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