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Arms of Livingston of Livingston606 viewsThe cinquefoil is so frequently met with the cross crosslet that the famous heraldist, Fox-Davies, believes there is some illusion behind it. The cross crosslet fitchée represented an evangelist, and as used in the West referred to St Moluag.
Arms of Livingston of Drumry and Wemyss547 viewscirca 1333
Note the royal double tressure in the arms suggesting descent from the ancient line of Scottish kings.
Arms of Lord Livingston of Callendar620 viewsCreated circa 1458
Arms of Livingston Earl of Linlithgow608 viewsCreated in 1600
Alexander, second Earl of Linlithgow, believed that his family were descended of the McLea's in the Highlands.
Arms of Livingston Earl of Callendar553 viewsCreated in 1641
Arms of Livingston Earl of Newburgh576 viewsCreated in 1647
Arms of Livingston Viscount Kilsyth611 viewsCreated in 1661
Arms of Livingston Viscount Teviot613 viewsCreated in 1696
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Clan Crest Badge752 views
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