Grand Tours of the Scottish Islands

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Grand Tours of the Scottish Islands

Postby Bachuil » Mon Oct 14, 2013 9:38 am

I do hope that you will find this of interest. Paul and his team came to stay at Bachuil and did some filming on the island recently.

On BBC1 Scotland at 7.30pm Monday 14th October Paul Murton will feature Lismore and Colonsay.

(For those of you living outwith Scotland you should be able to access the film on BBC iPlayer or even on Freesat - look for BBC1 Scotland.)

Grand Tours of the Scottish Islands

We are an island nation, and Scotland can be characterised by the myriad of islands that lay off the coast, and stud the country’s many inland lochs. These islands are not just a glorious adornment to Scottish scenery; they also have a huge cultural and historical significance, which is largely forgotten.

In Grand Tours of the Scottish Islands, Paul Murton will set out to experience island life today. He will explore our often-violent island legacy, discovering how island life is in our blood. With his characteristic enthusiasm and lightness of touch Paul will uncover the past, and reveal its connections with the "here and now", pointing to the quirky, the surprising, and the beautiful lying just off shore.

To be broadcast for 6 weeks starting from September 23rd on BBC1 Scotland at 7:30pm. ... Index.html

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Re: Grand Tours of the Scottish Islands

Postby Kaye Saunders » Fri Nov 08, 2013 2:42 am

One of my colleagues downloaded this for me, and I must say I really enjoyed it. It was great to see Lismore (having only seen it from the road to Oban), and also to hear how Lismore is pronounced - in all my 30 years of researching in the area I've been saying it incorrectly :-)

It was lovely to see our Chief and have him explain about the crozier and I especially enjoyed seeing the stained glass windows in the cathedral - they're magnificent.

Thanks for alerting us to the programme and I'll make sure I see the others in the series, although they won't have the same importance to me.

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