reminder: for now keep checking the Yahoo group also

PUBLIC Forum for general discussion on the DNA Project. The DNA project includes both Highland and lowland Livingston/es as well as MacLeas and other related names. Please do NOT post private information to this Forum.

reminder: for now keep checking the Yahoo group also

Postby Andrew Lancaster » Sat Nov 14, 2009 3:27 pm

Hi everyone

Just a reminder that this clan forum is still new and being developed, so for DNA discussion it is still not ideal for me to make announcements and start discussions about people's new results here because there is no "members only" section. (Not everyone feels the same about these DNA tests with regards to privacy.) There if you want to keep abreast of all news please also keep an eye out on the DNA project only Yahoo group.

(I just made some announcements.)

Best Regards
Andrew Lancaster
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