Coll Livingstone of Sparta, Randolph County, Illinois

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Coll Livingstone of Sparta, Randolph County, Illinois

Postby Canadian Livingstone » Sat Sep 24, 2016 2:32 pm

Hi All,
In my most recent article in the Clan Society Newsletter I discussed Lachlan, Alexander Jr. and other children of Alexander Livingstone and his wife Dorothy McGlashan of Bachuil, Lismore who settled in Sparta, Randolph County, Illinois in the 1840's also mentioning the fact that their first cousin Coll Livingstone Jr son Baron Coll Livingstone of Bachuil, Lismore also settled in the Sparta, Randolph County, Illinois later in the 1850's. This is a continuation of that 19th century Bachuil Lismore Livingstone story focusing on Coll Livingstone (1832-1900) son of Baron Coll Livingstone and his wife Mary Carmichael of Bachuil, Island of Lismore.

Coll Livingstone b. Nov. 8, 1832 was the son of Baron Coll Livingstone and Mary Carmichael of Bachuil in the Island of Lismore, Argyll, Scotland. Following the death of his father Coll Livingstone Sr. in 1842 his brother became the Baron of Bachuil and head of the household at the Bachuil family estate and Coll continued to live at the house in Bachuil with older brother Alexander and other siblings. In 1857 he left Lismore for America with the intention of settling in Sparta, Randolph County, Illinois where his first cousins Lachlan, John and Alexander sons of his father's brother Alexander had settled years earlier. His younger brother Dougald also left the farm at Bachuil and Lismore eventually settling in the 1850's in North America but locating instead in Pointe Edward, Ontario, Canada marrying Mary Boyd and becoming a merchant there. Coll, as far I know, was the last of the Bachuil Livingstone's to settle in Randolph County, Illinois.In 1858 Coll's cousin Alexander Livingston son of Alexander Livingston and Dorothy McGlashan died. On March 15, 1860 in Sparta, Randolph County, Illinois he married Mary Livingston his cousin Alexander's widow Mary Graham the former Mrs Alexander Livingston and became a step father to her children with late Alexander Livingston who were James Graham Livingston b. June 26, 1854, Alexander and Mary. Coll finds work in Sparta as a blacksmith. In 1863 Coll enlisted in the Union Army during the Civil War in America but fortunately survived. He had several children of his own with Mary Graham Livingston:

1. John b. 13 Nov. 1860 d. Aug. 5, 1927 Sparta, Randolph County, Illinois blacksmith wife Jennie Rule (1 child daughter Minnie born 18 March 1889 d. 17 Dec. 1962 Robinson Crawford County Illinois) John was for many years a blacksmith like his father in Sparta.

2.Joseph Graham Livingstone b. June 16, 1865 ? later employed as Steamfitter d. St. Louis, Missouri, June 9, 1921

3. Sarah Belle Livingstone b. January 6, 1866 d. June 28,1944 Wyandotte, Wayne County, Michigan married June 7, 1893 Sparta, Randolph County, Illinois, John Henry 1864-1938

4. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Livingstone b. October 1868 d. ? m. 1889 George Langwith

5. William Dougal Livingstone b. Feb. 1871 Sparta, Randolph County, Illinois d. April 9,1947 Decatur, Macon, Illinois

Coll Livingstone age 25 appears in the 1860 U.S Census for the first time in Sparta Randolph County with his wife Mary age 26, her child with Coll's cousin Alexander Livingston: James G. Livingston age 6, Mary Ann age 4, Alexander age 2 and Catharine Graham age 65 his wife Mary's mother.

In the 1870 U.S Census he is located in Township 5 Range 5 in the Sparta area of Randolph County, Illinois Call Livingston age 36, Mary Livingston age 36, Mary A Livingston age 14, Sandy Livingston age 11 and Coll Livingstone's step children and with his wife Mary: John Livingston age 9, Sarah Livingston age 7, Joseph Livingston age 5, Lizzie Livingston age 3. No doubt the fact that Mary was married to two Bachuil Livingston cousins and that their are two sets of Livingston children with two different Livingston fathers in this one family will create some confusion to family researchers. The 1880 U.S. Census records Cole Livingston (Blacksmith) at Sparta age 33, Mary age 45, Mary A Livingston age 23, Alexander age 21, John age 19, Sarah B. age 16, Joseph G. age 14, Lizzy age 12, and William Livingston age 9 born abt. 1870 or 1871. In the 1900 U.S Census Cole Livingston age 62 is residing in Sparta, Randolph County with his wife Mary age 66 and his youngest son William D. Livingston age 25. Cole or Coll is noted to be born in Scotland and his year of immigration is stated as 1857 and marriage year 1860

Coll or Cole Livingston died in 1900 in Sparta, Randolph County, Illinois and was buried in Caledonia Cemetery in Sparta. On his tombstone his birthdate given is 1835 and death date 1900 but his Lismore Parish birth record indicates he was born in 1832. His wife Mary Graham (Mary Graham Livingston) died Nov. 13, 1910 in Denver, Colorado.

Children of Coll's wife Mary Graham from her First marriage with Coll's first cousin Alexander Livingston who died Feb.1859.
1. James Graham Livingstone b. June 26, 1854 Sparta, Randolph County, Illinois d. January 6, 1936 Mexico, Audrain County, Missouri, USA Burial Elmwood Cemetery. (Coll Livingstone his step-father was sometimes mistaken for his birth father who was Coll's first cousin Alexander. It is my hope that putting this family info together that it can help to prevent any confusion about Mary Graham and her family with Alexander Livington and then his first cousin Coll Livingston following Alexander's death in 1859.

2. Mary Ann Livingston b. June 18,1857 Sparta, Randolph County, Illinois d. June 11, 1926

3.Alexander Livingston b. March 10, 1859 Sparta, Randolph County, Illinois d. January 29, 1928 Randolph County, Illinois m. Sept. 1, 1888 St. Clair County, Illinois Mary Alice Jones b. 1866 d. December 26,1900
Children of Alexander Livingston and Mary Alice Jones
A. Millard Livingston b.1888
B. Melvin or Elvin R. Livingstone b. Sept 4, 1889 Randolph County, Illinois
C. William Gaylord Livingstone b. 1893
D. Verna Livingstone b. 1895
E. Lyman Livingstone b. 1897
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