Argyllshire Livingstons of Lambton County, Ontario, Canada

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Argyllshire Livingstons of Lambton County, Ontario, Canada

Postby Canadian Livingstone » Thu Dec 06, 2018 10:28 pm

Part 1

My First knowledge ofArgyllshire Livingstons residing and settling in Lambton County, Ontario, Canada in the 19th century was through researching my ancestor Miles Livingston of Morvern, Argyll and in particular his son John Livingston b. 1818 in Etobicoke, Upper Canada (Ontario) who was my Great-great Uncle. John Livingston 1818-1895 was my great-great Uncle. In the 1850's he and his wife Joan also a Livingston of Argyllshire ancestry and their family settled in Bosanquet Township, Lambton County. My great-great grandfather John Clink ran into hard times and it was his brother in law who apparently offered to take in some of his children of his large family. Not sure how long they lived with their Uncle John Livingston in Lambton County. A number of my Clink and Livingston relatives lived for a time in Bosanquet Township, Lambton County. I was not however aware in these earlier days of my Livingstone research about the other Argyllshire LIvingstons that in the 1850's settled in other townships of Lambton County, Ontario, Canada who were of Duror, Appin, and Lismore, Argyllshire Livingston family ancestry. In this two part information I discuss firstly the Duror, Appin and Lismore Livingston families that settled in Lambton County in the 1850's and include some details of their family back in Argyllshire as well. In part 2 in another post I conclude with some information my own Livingston relative John Livingston 1818-1895 who was born in Ontario in 1818 the son of my great-great-great grand parents Miles Livingston and wife Janette Livingston "natives of Morvern", Argyll according the minister entry in their 1812 marriage record a few days before they began their journey to British North America and Lord Selkirk's Red River Colony in then Hudson's Bay Company Territory. It was only in more recent years that I learned about the Livingston families of Duror, Appin and Lismore Livingston ancestry who had settled in other parts of Lambton County, Ontario by the early 1850s. IN the case of the Livingstons of Port Appin ancestry I have from time to time been in touch with two of the descendants via our Forum. Most interesting was discovering that a descendant of the Port Appin Livingstons mentioned has in fact been proven to be a distant relative of the Bachuil, Lismore Livingstons through DNA testing.

But firstly in Part 1 and this posting the Duror, Appin and Lismore Livingtons who settled in Lambton County, Ontario and some info on their family back in Argyllshire.

Argyllshire Livingstones that settled in Lambton County, Ontario, Canada Part 1
Livingstons of Duror, Appin and Lismore Livingston family origin and including their family information back in Argyllshire
Some Livingstons families of Duror, Appin and Lismore, Argyll origin, some of whom settled in Lambton County, Ontario, Canada in the 1850's.

Duror and Appin Livingstone Family No. 1

Duncan Livingstone and Catharine McNicol Port Appin, Argyll

Their known Children

1. Dugald Livingstone of Old Miln and Shian, Duror b. 1786 d. bet. 1841 and 1851 , Old Miln, Duror, Argyll, Scotland m. Margaret McCallum b. abt. 1783 or 1786 d. 1867 or March 27,1868 Plympton Township, Lambton County, Ontario, Canada (Widow Margaret McCallum Livingstone came to Lambton County, Canada in 1849)
Children were:
1. Elizabeth Harriet Livingstone baptized Nov. 11, 1803 m. John Livingstone Jr. of Coalard, Appin
2. Mary Livingstone baptized Aug. 12, 1805 died Unknown
3. Donald Livingstone baptized June 2, 1807 died Unknown
4. Margaret Livingstone baptized Sept 12, 1810 died unknown
5. Mary Livingstone born August 15, 1812? Old Miln, Duror baptized Sept 16, 1812 d. Nov. 23,1902 Forest, Plympton Township, Lambton County, Ontario, Canada m .July 17,1845 in Scotland Angus McGregor b. abt. 1812? Lismore or Appin and died Dec. 3, 1873 Plympton Township, Lambton County, Ontario, Canada
6. John Livingstone baptized Sept. 17, 1814 died unknown
7. Duncan Livingston baptized Nov. 18,1816 died unknown
8.Jean Livingstone baptized Nov. 27,1818
9. Euphemia Livingstone baptized April 12, 1821

On August 17, 1849 Margaret Livingston age 66 (b. abt. 1783) with a Fanny Livington? age 26. Also with Margaret and Fanny is Angus McGregor, age 28, wife Mary (Livingston) McGregor age 28, Janet McGregor age 2 all arriving in New York passengers coming from Glasgow aboard the "Adam Carr" Firstly settle in Middlesex County, Ontario then Plympton County, Lambton County, Ontario, Canada.

2. Donald Livingstone baptized abt. Nov. 11,1793 Taynlachan or Taycreggan? Appin
(No information on Donald Livingstone)

3. Peter Livingstone (Shoemaker) baptized April 17,1796 Port Appin, Argyll d. May 18,1856 Port Appin, Argyll buried Appin Churchyard m. Dec. 21, 1817 Flory McColl b. abt. 1801 d. 1853 Port Appin, Argyll
Children were:
*1. Angus Livingstone b. Nov. 16, 1818 at Port Appin, Argyll d. May 28, 1891 Plympton Township, Lambton County, Ontario, Canada m. on January 28, 1851 in Ekfrid, Middlesex County, Ontario, Canada, Agnes Nancy Mctaggart b. 1824 d. Nov. 15, 1890 Plympton Township, Lambton County, Ontario (Angus came to firstly to Middlesex County, Ontario, Canada abt. 1849 and then later settled in Plympton Township, Lambton County, Ontario.
(*Descendant of Angus Livingston of Port Appin did Y Chromosome DNA and was a close match with the Lismore Appin Group A which Bachuil LIvingstones, Baron Livingstone and his cousin Robert Livingstone of California are a match with.)

Known Family of Angus Livingston b. Port Appin, Argyll 1818 and Agnes Nancy (Ann) McTaggart born in Ontario, Canada
1. Mary Livingston b. Dec. 7, 1851 in Ekfrid Township, Middlesex County, Canada West (Ontario, Canada) died 1929
2. Peter Livingston b.Oct. 17,1853 in Ekfrid Township, Middlesex County, Canada West (Ontario, Canada) died 1918
3. Flora Livingston b. July 27, 1856 in Ekfrid Township, Middlesex County, Canada West (Ontario, Canada) d. 1940m. George Dennis
4. Donald Mctaggart Livingston b. Aug 22, 1858 in Ekfrid Township, Middlesex County, Canada West (Ontario, Canada) d. 1930
5. Catharine Livingston b. Oct.17, 1860 Ekfrid Township, Lambton County, Ontario d. 1941 m. Joseph Rostock
6. Duncan Livingston b. July 24,1863 Plympton Township, Lambton County, Ontario d.1931
7. Angus Livingston b. July 4, 1866 or March 6,1866 Plympton Township, Lambton County, Ontario d. May 15, 1907 Brant, Ontario
8. Elizabeth Livingston b. March 9, 1868 Plympton Township, Lambton County, Ontario d.1943

Angus Livingston died May 28, 1891 in Plympton Township, Lambton County, Ontario (Near Wyoming, Ontario)
Agnes Livingston died Nov. 15, 1890 in Plympton Township, Lambton County, Ontario

2. Peter Livingstone Jr. b. Nov 13, 1822 at Tarintesgin.?Argyll baptized Nov 14, 1822 d. May 25,1898 Anderton, Glasgow, Lanarkshire m. January 29,1846 Port Appin Catharine McLachlan abt. 1824 d. Unknown
3. Catharine Livingstone b. Sept 6, 1824 at Tarintesgin?, Argyll baptized Sept. 8, 1824
4. Mary Livingston b. Nov. 29, 1826 at Port Appin, Argyll baptized Dec. 3, 1826 d. March 27, 1867 Barnhill Poor House Springburn, Lanarkshire, Scotland
5. Flora Livingstone b. March 2, 1831 at Port Appin, Argyll baptized March 6, 1831
6. Donald Livingstone b. Jan. 12, 1832 at Port Appin, Argyll baptized January 15,1832
7. John Livingstone b. Jan. 1, 1837 at Port Appin, Argyll baptized January 28, 1837
8. Ann Livingstone b. Feb. 2, 1839 at Port Appin, Argyll baptized Feb. 9, 1839

Duror and Appin Livingstone Family No. 2

John Livingstone Sr. b. abt. 1766 m.March 16,1801 Christy Graham resided at Coalard,Appin
Children were:
1. John Livingstone Jr. b. Coalard, Appin baptized March 25, 1804 d. 1871 Plympton Township, Lambton County m. Elizabeth Harriet Livingstone b.1803 Old Miln near Shian, Duror d. June 30,1877 Plympton Township, Lambton County, Ontario, Canada daughter of Dougald Livngstone of Old Miln, Appin and Duror and his wife Margaret McCallum
Children were:
1. Christy Livington b. July 6, 1831 Coelard, Appin baptized July i, 1831
2. Donald Livingston b. June 15, 1835 Coelard, Appin m. Ellen Vivian in Lambton County in May 28, 1861 and died in Dec. 31, 1881 in Forest, Lambton County, Ontario His wife Ellen Vivian was born 1844 and died May 9, 1909 in Forest, Lambton County, Ontario
3. Margaret Livingston b. May 1st 1839 Coelard, Appin baptized May 7 1839
4. Duncan Livingston b. Nov 23, 1841 Ardnaclach Appin baptized Nov. 28, 1841 m. Margaret Lithgow d. July 3, 1897 Middlesex County, Ontario, Canada

5. Mary Livingston b. abt. 1846 in Appin

According to the Appin Parish records, John Livingston Sr. (born abt. 1766 according to 1841 Scottish Census) and his wife Christy Graham resided at Coelard Appin in the early 1800's where son John Livingston Jr. was born or baptized March 25, 1804 and son Duncan Livingston was born or baptized October 30, 1806

The son John Livingston Jr. married Elizabeth Harriet Livingston born 1803 of Old Miln, Appin, Argyll daughter of Dugald Livingston and Margaret McCallum of Old Miln, Appin. John Livingston Jr. and his wife Elizabeth Harriet Livingston's daughter Christy was born or baptized June 06 1831 at Coelard, a son Donald (Daniel) Livingston was born or baptized June 15, 1835 at Coelard, a daughter Margaret Livingston was born or baptized at Coalard and a son Duncan Livingston was born or baptized Nov.3,1841 at Archaclach or Ardnaclach, Appin, Argyll

In the 1841 Scottish Census states that John Livingston Sr. born abt. 1766 age 75 a Tailor by occupation apparently formerly of Coelard and now a widower is residing at Ardnaclach with his son John Livingston jr, age 35 also a Tailor, his wife Elizabeth and their daughter Christy age 5, Donald age 4, and Margaret age 2 (A son Duncan b. 1841 is born after the 1841 Census was conducted that year.) A daughter Mary was later born in 1847 before the family of John Livingston Jr. left for Canada. First child named Christy presumingly after John Livington Sr's wife Christy of Coelard. Not known when mother Christy or father John Livingston Sr. died presumingly in Ardnaclach, Appin.

Sometime between the year 1847 and 1851 John Livingstone jr, his wife Elizabeth Harriet Livingston of Ardnaclach, Appin and their children likely left Appin, Argyll and settled eventually in Plympton Township, Lambton County in what is in present day Ontario, Canada

2. Duncan Livingstone baptized March 30,1806

Duror and Appin Livingstone Family No. 3

Malcolm Livingstone tailor of Duror m. Euphemia Colquhoun
Resided at Greenfield, Duror, Argyll in North Cuil area before 1840's
1.Hugh Livingstone b. abt. 1827 Clachan of Greenfield, North Cuil? Duror, Argyll d. July 13,1890 Gorbals District, Lanarkshire m. June 10,1859 District of Blythwood, Borough of Glasgow, Elizabeth McColl Hugh Livingstone 1851 Census age 25 lived at Insag( Inshaig), North Cuil (Descendant Malcolm Livingstone in Scotland contacted forum)

2. Duncan Livingstone born abt. 1830 Greenfield, North Cuil, Duror, Argyll d. Sept 12, 1893, Sarnia, Lambton County, Ontario, Canada m. Ellen b. abt. 1844 Ireland
Children were:
1. Margaret Livingstone b. abt. 1863 Sarnia, Lambton County, Ontario
2. John D. Livingstone b. abt.1865 Sarnia, Lambton County, Ontario
3. Anne Livingston b. abt. 1868 Sarnia, Lambton County, Ontario

A Bachuil Lismore Livingstone that settled in Lambton County, Ontario, Canada
Dugald Livingstone son of Baron Coll Livingstone

Dougald Livingstone (1837-1881) (a Bachuil, Lismore Livingstone) ,later a merchant in Canada who settled sometime between 1851 and 1861 in Point Edward, Sarnia Township, LambtonCounty, Ontario youngest son of Baron Coll Livingstone of Bachuil, Lismore, Argyll and his wife Mary Carmichael

Bachuil Lismore Livingstones: The Canadian Connection
Dougald or Dugald Livingstone was born abt. 1837 in Bachuil on the Island of Lismore the son of last child of Baron Coll Livingstone and his wife Mary Carmichael. His birth or baptism info does not survive in the Lismore Parish records but his Ontario, Canada marriage record of 1870 mentions his parents by name and a check of the 1841 Census for householder Coll Livingstone Sr. of Bachuil, shows that he and wife Mary Carmichael confirms that their eldest child was Dougald Livingstone born abt. 1837.
He is not found in the surviving Lismore Parish Baptismal records but is recorded in the 1841 Scottish Census as the youngest son of Coll Livingstone of Bachuil, Lismore (Baron Coll Livingstone) residing with his father, mother Mary Carmichael and the rest of the family at Bachuil. Following the death in 1842 of his father according to the 1851 Census young Dougald is still residing on the family estate at Bachuil with his older brother Alexander who inherited his father’s title and his 10 or 11 acre property on the Isle of Lismore.

Following the departure of his brother Coll Livingstone Jr. in the 1850’s for United States, Dougald the youngest son of the late Baron Coll Livingstone left Bachuil, Lismore also. For some reason instead of settling with his older brother Coll Livingstone Jr. and their Livingstone cousins who had settled in the Sparta, Randolf County area of Illinois, USA, he ended up a little north of the U.S. Michigan border with Canada in the village of Point Edward, Sarnia Township, Lambton County, Ontario near the present day town of Sarnia, Ontario, sometime before the year 1861 where he eventually became a local merchant.

There was a slight particle of doubt in my mind at first whether Dougald of Point Edward, Ontario, Canada was in fact Baron Coll Livingstone’s youngest son until I discovered his marriage record in which indicated that he had married November 22 1870 Mary Boyd at Point Edward village in Sarnia Township and in fact stated that his father was Coll Livingstone and his mother Mary Carmichael who I knew to be Baron Coll Livingstone and his wife Mary Carmichael. . Also his gravestone in Lakeview Cemetery, Sarnia, it should be noted, refers to Dougald Livingstone as a “Native of Lismore, Argyllshire, Scotland”. I have not as yet located any descendants in Canada, but there may be some. If there are any they would be distant relatives of our Clan Chief.

According to his Canadian records Dougald Livingstone was born in Lismore, Argyllshire about 1837 but for some reason is not included in the surviving baptism records of the children of Coll Livingstone and Mary Carmichael in the old Lismore Parish Church of Scotland Baptism book. Dugald however is listed with the family in the 1841 and 1851 Scottish census but suggesting he was born abt. 1835 or 1836. According to his gravestone he died relatively young at age 43 on December 23, 1881 at Point Edward village. Despite his brief marriage to his wife Mary Boyd, they had five children all born in Point Edward: Mary born Oct. 6, 1871, John born April 19,1873, Flora born abt January 11,1875, Sarah born April 7,1877 and the youngest Coll Alexander born March 27, 1879.


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