livingston antrim ireland

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livingston antrim ireland

Postby livingston » Fri Apr 27, 2018 10:43 pm

hi everybody
My names is david livingston from randalstown co/antrim i have just joined this family has been in randalstown antrim approx 300 years.

yours david
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Re: livingston antrim ireland

Postby Canadian Livingstone » Fri Apr 27, 2018 11:32 pm

Hi David,

Welcome to the Clan Maclea Livingstone Society Forum

There is lot of Livingston family research here regarding the Western Argyllshire Maclea Livingstones but I of highland Argyllshire Livingston ancestry on my fathers side of the family and largely Scotch-Irish Ulster origins on my Mother's side of our family. My Mom is descended from an old Ayrshire, Scotland family Brysons from South Western Scotland who settled in the 1600's in the Carrickfergus, County Antrim area. I had done somel years of research on my Mom's family before getting involved in researching my highland Argyllshire Livingston family connected to my father's family about 20 years ago.

Recently I have been in touch with a few Livingstons of Ulster ancestry one of which is a participant in the familytreedna project of which I doing some mostly Western Argyllshire Livingston research with, but most recently looking into some of the Ulster Livingston ancestry of some of the participants with Ulster ancestry. I am interested in seeing now and in the future which Ulster Livingstons are related to one other according to the familytreedna test results. Secondly I am hoping to eventually find out through the familytreedna Y chromosome testing which LIvingstons in the project are possibly related to old Livingston families that lived in South Western Scotland in Kirkcudbrightshire part of old Galloway and neighbouring Dumfriesshire in the 1600's and 1700's and 1800's. According to Scotch-Irish historian Charles Hanna, there were some Livingstons who were an old Galloway family in the 1600's at the time families from the South Western Scotland some of whom may have settled in Ulster and I have found a number of Livingston family in the early 18th century Kirkudbrighshire and Dumfriesshire, Scotland parish records and later that I assume are descendants of local families who remained in Scotland in the 1600's. It would be interesting if the famlytreedna Livingston Y chromosome DNA project can eventually prove that that a number of Ulster Livingston families can be proven from this testing that they have relatives in Scotland or elsewhere descended from one of these old Galloway and Drumfiesshire Livingston famiies. In any event I am hoping that in 10 years or less the familytreedna Y chromosome test of some South Western Scottish Livingstons and persons of Ulster Livingston ancestry can perhaps indicate if there is or is not a likely ancestral connection between some Ulster Livingston familiy groups and the little known Livingstons/Livingtouns families of South Western Scotland. At the same time results of Livingstons of known South Western Scotland origins would also be compared with all other Livingstons who had been earlier tested including Western Argyllshire as it is quite possible that some Livingstons of Western Argyllshire ancestry settled in Ulster in the late 1700's or in the 1800's a more recent Livingston familiy group to settle in Ulster. If that were the case then their DNA result would likely reflect their Western Argyllshire origins. So there is definitely a interesting DNA project here which is not starting from square one because there are already a good number of Livingstons of known Ulster origin who have done the famllytreedna test. So far however I have not noticed anyone of known South Western Scotland in the DNA project but there may be. As far I know there is no organized effort before to identify the ancestral root of South Western Scotland Livingstons through familytreedna testing and compare their results with Ulster Livingstons and Livingstons of other origins. So I think the idea has some merit. My main Ulster Livingston contact as mentioned unfortunately has just had a serious operation and is recovering from that, but for now I can talk with others and see if there is any interest among them regarding this project. It could a few years before this could get off the ground, maybe less if there is more interest than I anticipated and descendants of Ulster Livingstons and Livingstons of South Western Scotland origin can be proven to be a match. For now I can say that the notion that some Ulster Livingstons arrived in Ulster in the 17th century is from what I have read from South Western Scotland is well documented by historians in the past much more familiar with Ulster history than I and not some speculative adventure on my part. As i am not of Ulster Livingston this may be a project which Ulster Livingtons may eventually become interested in pursuing, but first I must wait and see if any of those who are already involved with the familytreedna project see any merit in this idea, before it can really get off the ground.

David does your family have any sense of their original Scottish Livingston ancestry? One of the earliest and more prominent of the Livingstons to arrive in Ulster was a Rev. John Livingston originally of ANcrum, Scotland, but I have found that he was just one of a number of other LIvingstons who were among the many lowland Presbyterian Scottish families who arrived in Ulster during the Plantation period of the 1600's. Since 2004 when genealogical interest in Livingstons eventually expanded beyond my own Argyllshire, Scotland Livingston ancestry and others of Argyllshire origin, I wondered if someday the mystery of the origins of the Ulster Livingstons who settled in Ulster in the 1600's could be clarified. Years later I now realize that someday DNA testing may perhaps help to identify their genetic distant cousins in present day South Western Scotland.


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Re: livingston antrim ireland

Postby livingston » Sun Apr 29, 2018 6:54 pm

hi there
Thanks for your reply i have done the dna test andrew looked at it but only one he thought was close a george livingstone from georgetown guyana a john now lives in canada ,Could you help me with one a canada livingston Alexander w livingston the canadian horticulturist he was scotch irish in his photo he looks like my dad my dad is now 79 and very like another william who left our farm in 1822 for the gold rush in dunedon new zealand so there are lots of livingston there now from this emigration, i emailed the seed company but no response i just wonder is there any livingstons still alive from this guy and would there be a connection?

yours david livingston
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