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FOIA Requests

PostPosted: Tue Mar 12, 2019 8:44 pm
by RLivingstone
Anyone else recently submit a request through this system? I did back in early February (only my 2nd time; the 1st time was back in the 80s) and have checked my request status a few times only to show that the due date was pushed farther and farther out. Back in the day, early 80s, everything was done via paper obviously and only took 4-6 weeks. It was also not done through the Dept of Homeland Security. When I submitted the request, I was told I could sign up for their online delivery service and check my request status. I appreciated that service thinking it would be faster.... its def not. Makes me want to submit requests for several people I have in my line that I have questions of immigration about, just because its free up to a certain amount of pages and research time and because it takes so long.

Anyone else get results via this online system?