International Clan Gathering at Stirling in 2014

Announcements from the Chief of MacLea, the ancient historical name of the Livingstones.
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International Clan Gathering at Stirling in 2014

Post by Bachuil »

I have had this email meesage from The Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs
Some of you may have seen the press release from Stirling Council in respect of their plans for an International Clan Gathering at Stirling in 2014 as part of the Homecoming 2014 extravaganza.

The confirmed dates are Friday 11 July - Sunday 13 July 2014 based around Kings Park in Stirling.

The outline plan is as follows:

Early evening Friday 11 July 2014 - March from Kings Park to Stirling Castle Esplanade. Possible fireworks display or something of that nature.

Saturday 12 July 2014 - Clan Gathering in Kings Park (similar to 2009)

Sunday 13 July 2014 - Highland Games in an area 'close to' Kings Park.

Whilst that is the outline plan it is subject to some discussion. Though it would appear Stirling Council are fairly entrenched in how things are to be.

The numbers could be much bigger than 2009 given the marketing and promotional lessons that have been learned and the overseas legacy of 2009. Current estimates are for about 10,000. In 2009 it was 32,000 on day 1 and 15,000 on day 2. Bannockburn and Sir William Wallace, etc, have greater cache than Robert Burns (which is what 2009 was about). There were about 100 MacGregors in 2009. We believe the figure will top 175 in 2014.
Please let me know what you think?
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Kyle MacLea
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Re: International Clan Gathering at Stirling in 2014

Post by Kyle MacLea »

My wife and I are planning to attend at this point, but of course things could change. Still, given the 700th anniversary of Bannockburn and the chance to meet other clansmen, I'd like to attend if we can. So we are planning that and have had it in mind since we missed 2009.

I have heard criticism of the 2009 event that it wasn't publicized well to Scots themselves, just the Diaspora, so that could be one thing that could be worked on.

My plan is to publicize the event in the upcoming Clan Newsletters leading up to those days in Scotland, so if folks would like to set up follow-on tours of Argyll and Lismore we might be able to coordinate. We could even have a small clan event (not an AGM, just a reception or something).

In addition, given our Account of McLea (1743) and its description of our connections with the (lowland) Livingstons of Callendar and Stirling, etc., I wonder if a clan introduction to those historical areas or properties would also be of interest. (I say this knowing nothing about them myself, so this is really an open question.)

We would love opinions from others and some thoughts about whether you might join in the 2014 Gathering.

Kyle S. MacLea
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Kaye Saunders
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Re: International Clan Gathering at Stirling in 2014

Post by Kaye Saunders »

I am also planning to attend - I moved my 2 month sojourn from July/Aug 2013 to July/Aug 2014 so I could be there at the time of the gathering. I'm sorry it's not going to be in Edinburgh - free board there :-) (is my Scottish heritage showing?) but am looking forward to catching up with clan members and immersing myself in Scottish/Clan history.

Will be returning to Argyll as well to see what more (Ginger? and) I can find out about our forebears, so am getting as much research done here as I can before I come over.

Greg Livingston
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Re: International Clan Gathering at Stirling in 2014

Post by Greg Livingston »

Having also missed 2009, I am interested in being there but at this time I don't know if I will be able to make it. Kyle has some good suggestions with the follow-on tours and small clan event. If we are able to make it, we would go to Lismore ourselves to tour the area if there is no follow-on tour there.
Greg Livingston
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