New Registration System

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New Registration System

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Since upgrading the board and introducing a New Registration System we have managed to reduce nearly all spam.

Users seeking to register should hit the REGISTER link at the top of the screen on the right next to the Login link. You will be asked a question. The answer is available on the Main Clan Website pages. (To find an answer your are advised to open a new page by following the link on the top left.)

We have just introduced a final step where a New User should post a brief introduction into the Introduction Topic.

Each user should only put one posting on this Topic which should be a brief introduction and include:
  • your actual name,
  • country of residence,
  • your interest in the Clan,
  • and any other brief relevant information
For Existing Users we would really appreciate a brief posting here.

Each User should have their own Topic. So New Registrants should create a new topic on the link below.
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