Death of Dr. David Livingstone Wilson

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Death of Dr. David Livingstone Wilson

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I recently learned belatingly of the sad passing of Dr. David Livingstone Wilson of Helensburgh near Glasgow on March 21,2010. His cousin informed me last year that he had not been well. Dr. Wilson was the great-grandson of Dr. David Livingstone (1813-1873) the Missionary Doctor and Explorer and his wife Mary Moffat herself the daughter of missionary Robert Moffat. He was born in 1925 at Chitambo Mission in Zambia about 50 miles from where Dr. Livingstone died in 1873. His parents were Dr. Hubert Francis Wilson (1884-1976) and Mary Rhoda Mackie (1895-1985) whom Hubert married in 1923. Dr. Wilson's grandparents were Frank Wilson (1852-1910) of Kendal, Westmoreland, England and Anna Livingstone (1858-1939) youngest child of Dr. David Livingstone and his wife Mary born in Kuruman,Africa.

Dr. David Livingstone Wilson was schooled in Scotland and studied medicine at Glasgow University. With his wife Ada Imray he did missionary medical work in Zambia and was a medical officer of health in Whitby, England. He followed in the footsteps of his father Hubert Livingstone Wilson a grandson of the famous missionary doctor who was himself a medical missionary of the United Free Church at Chitambo and author of a book on Dr. Livingstone "Livingstone The Master Missionary."

Livingstone genealogists greatly appreciated Dr. Wilson's efforts in 1989 to create a detailed and well researched Dr. David Livingstone family tree chart which he made available to the Livingstone Museum at Blantyre and family researchers. It has certainly greatly helped to increase our knowledge of this family line. Many thanks are owed Dr. Wilson for this.

In 1993 he participated in an expedition through Tanzania, Burundi and Zambia retracing a journey taken by his explorer, great-grandfather. David was interviewed in 2001 for a PBS program "Queen Victoria's Empire" and asked to comment about Dr.Livingstone.
Go to You are then directed to search PBS site and type in keyword "David Livingstone Wilson". Then scroll down page to Empire, Queen Victoria Experts, David Livingstone Wilson option and double click for David Livingstone Wilson interview.

We at the Clan Maclea Livingstone Society at this time wish to extend our sympathies to his wife Ada and the rest of the family of Dr. Wilson during this difficult year and we celebrate the many wonderful things he did in his life. The Maclea Livingstone Clan Society honours the memory of this fellow clansman.


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Re: Death of Dr. David Livingstone Wilson

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We are surely indebted to Dr. Wilson, a sad day.

Thank you for finding the interview piece and reminding us of his contributions!

Rest in peace.

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