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PUBLIC Forum for general discussion on the DNA Project. The DNA project includes both Highland and lowland Livingston/es as well as MacLeas and other related names. Please do NOT post private information to this Forum.
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Donate to the DNA Project General Fund

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Dear Members of the Livingston/MacLea/Boggs DNA Project,

It's been awhile since the last solicitation, so I'm writing to remind people about the opportunity to donate to the General Fund of the DNA Project.

All of us who have tested have seen the potential power of this testing to establish and verify relationships between the various surnames and groupings within our project. But we've probably also encountered those who would be interested in the Project but for the cost. And maybe we ourselves couldn't really afford the cost of a whole test for that person, but really wanted to have them tested!

There is hope!

That hope is the General Fund. We have a Fund through Family Tree DNA that we can use to help defray the costs of initial testing, or to add in additional tests to someone who is already tested within the Project.

When you make a donation, you can leave the decision as to how to spend the money to the administrators of the Project (that's Andrew, Russ, Frank, Janet, Michael, and me), or you can specify a particular use for your funds. We will be
able to see those restrictions, if any, and decide what to spend the Fund on at some point.

In the past, this has allowed us to test people in important lines who could not afford the test on their own. It has also helped us upgrade results that we needed to establish relationships, but which the testee was unable to afford.

Are there people in the Project you'd like to see upgrade (to 37, or 67, or to some advanced marker), but who don't have the money to do so? You can donate on their behalf and specify you'd like to pay towards upgrading them, and when we have sufficient monies, we can do that!

In case you're wondering how to do this, here it is: ... ution.aspx

You need to specify "Livingston" as the target Project by first selecting "L" and then "Livingston." You may donate by Credit Card, Paypal, or by Mail. Be sure to fill out any Notes as to your wishes, and you may also donate in Honor of anyone you wish, and these memorials are kept within the project records!

We would love to have your Donations if you can afford them! We won't spam you with numerous requests, but just wanted to take this time in the fall to remind you of this possibility. A lot of interest in the Project appears around the holidays and just thereafter. If we have money in the Fund at that point, it is easier to recruit some of the people who have interest but are low on funds!

Thank you for your time, friends, clansmen, and project members!

And if you are interested in joining the Clan Society for $25 US per year, or giving the holiday gift of membership in the Society to someone else, please see this webpage:

Or email me at at any time with any questions!

co-admin, DNA project
Clan Commissioner, Clan MacLea/Livingstone Society
Kyle S. MacLea
Clan Society Life Member; DNA Project Co-Admin
New Hampshire, USA
kyle -dot- maclea -at- gmail -dot- com
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