Research on the Bachuil's Big Y700 matches.

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Research on the Bachuil's Big Y700 matches.

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Walker Todd b 1822 Rutherford - Terminal SNP R-FT29416 [/u][/b](Twice downstream from the Baron's Terminal SNP)

There are at least four kits who nominate Walker Todd as their earliest known ancestor but only one has completed a BigY test. It is believed that this person is Walker Everett Todd bn 5 May 1822 Cannon County, Tennessee, USA and died 28 Jul 1906 Cannon County, Tennessee, USA. He is buried in Cannon, Tennessee, United States of America. (FamilySearch & ... erett-todd).

There appears to be a lack of information with respect to his father. Several sites have nominated a John Frazier bn 1777 Ireland as his father but there does not appear to be any supporting evidence of this. However, there does appear to be some evidence to support this as a kit nominating John Frazier bn 1777 Ireland has also tested and has the Terminal SNP of R-FT29416.

There is a possible match with a John Frazer (Frazier) aged 83 in the 1860 United States Federal Census who nominates that he was born in Ireland. His occupation is listed as a "Domestic" and the family he is residing with is named "Richardson". Another source suggests that his full name is John William Frazier and that he was the father of Walker Everett Todd.

As Walker Todd does not have a registered father, it would appear that John Frazier may be the link with the Baron. The fact that another kit lists his earliest known ancestor as Alexander Fraser who also shares the Terminal SNP of R-FT29416 suggests that, as the name "Frazier" is a derivative of the name "Fraser", there may be some currently unidentified connection. If anyone can throw any light on this possible connection, it would be greatly appreciated.


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