Margaret Livingston and Hugh Burke of Lawrence County, Ohio

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Margaret Livingston and Hugh Burke of Lawrence County, Ohio

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Hi All,

Margaret Livingston was born May 6,1833 in Achabeg, Morvern, Argylll the daughter of Hugh Livingston and Euphemia Campbell of Achabeg, Morvern. Margaret Livingston married Hugh Burke on Aug. 31, 1852 in Scioto County, Ohio. Hugh Burke was born March 30, 1825 in Morvern, Argyll the son of William Burke and Sarah Livingston of Morvern, Argyll and later residents of Ohio. Margaret arrived with her widowed mother (Mrs. Hugh Livingston (Euphemia Campbell formerly of Achabeg and Lochaline, Morvern) in 1851 firstly located in Scotio County, Ohio then sometime before 1860 in neighbouring Lawrence County, Ohio.

In 1851, Hugh Burke is residing on the farm of a relative Angus Livingston in Vernon, Scioto County, Ohio and his wife Margaret and their infant son Duncan. Living with them in addition to young Hugh is his older brother William Burke, Angus Livingston's elderly widowed mother Catharine Livingston and Angus Livingston's brothers Duncan and John Livingston.
Hugh Burke and Margaret Livingston married Aug. 31, 1852 in Scioto County, Ohio
Children of Hugh Burke and Margaret Livingston
1. Hugh Burke b. abt. 1855 Ohio
2. Wiliam Burke b. abt. 1857 Ohio
3. John Burke b. abt. 1858 Ohio
4. Duncan C. Burke b. abt. 1860 in Ohio
5. Alex Burke b. abt. 1862 in Kentucky
6. Robert Burke b. abt. 1868 in Kentucky
7. Charles Burke b. abt. 1874 in Ohio

In the 1860 Ohio Census Hugh Burke and his family are residing at Decatur, Lawrence County, Ohio. By abt. 1862 they have moved on to the State of Kentucky where they are residing at Irvine in Estill County. Between 1862 and 1870 two more children are born. Later in first part of the 1870's Hugh and Margaret and the family moved back to the Ohio area settling at Green, Hocking County, Ohio where one more child a son Charles is born abt. 1874. Sometime following the birth of Charles and the 1880 Census, Hugh Burke's wife Margaret livingston dies and he is recorded in the 1880 census as a widower.

William an older brother of Hugh and another son of William Burke and Sarah Livingston of Morvern interestingly was residing with the Widow Catharine Livingston (Mrs DUncan Livingston Sr.) of Achabeg, Morvern and her son Duncan Livingston b. 1810. according to the 1841 Census. William's age at the time? William appears to be a nephew of her late husband Duncan Livingston. Later in Ohio, William age listed as 22 appears in the 1850 U.S in Vernon, Scioto County, Ohio with younger brother Hugh and the same Catharine Livingston with her sons Duncan Jr. Archibald? John and living with her son Angus, his wife Margaret and their infant son Duncan on their farm at Vernon in Scotio County, Ohio. In the 1860 Census William Burke age 29 born in Scotland is residing with his Margaret age 25 at Iron Furnace, Vernon, Scioto County, Ohio.

Hugh Burke and his brother William Burke Jr. were the sons of William Burke Sr and Sarah Livingston. Sarah Livingston interestingly enough was said by a Livingston nephew in Ohio to be a niece of Donald Livingstone 1728-1816 of Savary, Morvern and daughter of his brother Ewen (Hugh) Livingston also of Savary, Morvern. (See 1779 Argyll list of Livingston
Morvern tenants). The only information I have for William Burk Sr. and his wife Sarah Livingston in Ohio is that they were living in 1860 at Milton, Jackson County, Ohio in the Iron Valley there. Age given in the 1860 Census there is William Burk age 80 and Sarah L. Burk age 74 and both born in Scotland. Their relative Duncan Livingston 1850-1910 of Scioto County, Ohio notes that Sarah died in the 1860's or 1870's I think it was. Their sons William Jr. and Duncan are living with a relative farmer Angus Livingston in Scioto County, Ohio according to the 1850 U.S Census and his family and other Livingston relatives Angus has taken in including his mother Catharine Livingston formerly of Achabegg, Morvern whom Hugh Burk was living with in 1841 and probably before he left for Ohio in 1840's. Also Angus Livingston's brother Duncan, John and mystery Livingston (Archibald Livingston perhaps a brother of Angus Livingston.

It is not known however when Hugh and William Burke's parents William Burke Sr and Sarah Livingston arrived in America and Ohio as they are not recorded in the 1850 US. Census, only the 1860 Census.


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