John son of Duncan/Dorothy Livingstone Ballimachillican

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John son of Duncan/Dorothy Livingstone Ballimachillican

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Hi All,

Pertaining to my earlier Lismore Livingstone posting regarding John Livingstone born abt. 1830 son of Duncan Livingstone and Christy McLean of Archoran, Argyll there was another John Livingstone born abt. 1828 who was the son of a Duncan Livingstone and his wife Sally Livingston of Ballimachillican, Lismore. Most interestingly this other John Livingstone's father Duncan Livingstone was the youngest son of Baron John Livingstone 1746-1835. Unlike John Livingstone of Archoran, Argyll, previously discussed in a posting, John Livingstone of Ballimachillican, Lismore never left Lismore. The surviving Lismore census records record this other John Livingstone's history residing in Lismore with his father and mother Duncan Livington and Sally Livingston and thereafter.

1841 Scottish Census
Ballemachilichan, Lismore Argyll
Duncan (Dan) Livingstone age 50
Sally Livingstone (Dorothy) age 35
John Livingstone age 13
Sally Livingstone age 11
Bell Livingstone age 9

1861 Scottish Census
Ballemachilichan, Lismore, Argyll
Duncan Livingstone age 73
Dorothy Livingstone age 55
John Livingstone age 33 Ploughman
Hugh Livingston age 4 ?

1871 Scottish Census
Ballemarchilichan, Lismore, Argyll
Duncan Livingston age 83
Dorothy Livingston age 64
John Livingston age 43
Mary Carmichael age 29 (wife)

Duncan livingston age 7
Jane Livingston age 7
John Livingston age 5
Sarah Livingston age 3
Adam Livingston age 1

1891 Scottish Census
Ballemachillichan, Lismore, Argyll
John Livingstone age 63 Cottar
Mary Livingstone age 49
John Livingstone age 25
Sarah Livingstone age 23
Alexander Livingstone age 18
Neil Livingstone age 14
Mary Livingstone age 11
Flora Livingstone age 4

Note John Livingstone is buried in Lismore Church Yard. According to his Cemetery stone information he was born in 1827 and died in November 16, 1921 in Lismore, Argyll His wife Mary Carmichael buried with him was born in 1842 and died March 2, 1913.


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