DuncanSr and Sarah Livingstone of Achuaran, Lismore

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DuncanSr and Sarah Livingstone of Achuaran, Lismore

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Hi All,

I have now discovered a possible update to the AchuARAN Lismore Livingstone family info originally posted by Baron Livingstone on the Website this is a possible update and family connection I believe I have found. The early 19th century Duncan Livingstone Sr. and Sarah Livingstone Achuaran family is connected to the Bachuil Livingstone family in two ways. Through the marriage of their youngest child Dorothy Livingston to Duncan Livingston b. 1788 the youngest son of Baron John Livingstone and through blood as DNA testing of a direct descendant of this Achuaran lismore Livingston family Robert Alexander Livingston shows that the Achuaran Livingstones and the Bachuil Livingstones shared a common ancestor.

Children of Duncan Livingstone the Elder and Sarah Livingstone of Achuaran, Lismore
1. Duncan Livingstone the Younger of Achuaran crofter birth or baptism date not recorded and Christina (Christy) McLean
Duncan jr. located at Achuaran in the 1830's according to Lismore Baptism records and before Duncan Livingston and Sarah Livingstone almost certainly his parents. No other sons in family of Duncan and Sarah I assume. It appears that Duncan Livingston who married Christina Mclean was located in the 1830's at the Livingstone croft at Achuaran likely occupied the croft formerly occupied by Duncan Livingstone and Sarah Livingstone and their family prior to that and I suspect the younger Duncan Livingstone married to Christina McLean is the son of the elder Duncan Livingston married to Sarah Livingston the earlier Livingstons at Achuaran, Lismore. In 2004 a direct descendant of this Duncan Livingston Jr. of Achuaran who disappears from the record unfortunately by the time of the 1841 Census but is descended from his son John born 1830 contacted our forum and provided us with invaluable and detailed information on this little known Lismore family. I have been in another posting adding and making further updates to it.
2. Mary Livingstone b. 1797
3. Catharine Livingstone b. 1798
4. Isabell Livingstone b. 1799
5. Ann Livingstone b. 1801
6. Dorothy ( nickname Sally) Livingstone b. 1806 married Duncan Livingstone b.1788 youngest son of Baron John Livingstone in the 1820's

The second more obvious thing I noticed is that the Achuaran Livingstons are connected to the Bachil Livingstones by marriage of Duncan Livingston Sr. and Sarah Livingston's daughter and youngest child Dorothy Livingston b. 1806 to Baron John LIvingstone's youngest son Duncan Livingstone born in 1788 at Bachuil, Lismore. Duncan Livingston of Bachuil having married Dorothy Livingston of Achuaran Livngstons then becomes the brother in law I would assume of Duncan Livingston Jr. of Achuaran who inherits I assume the family croft at Achuaran following the death of his parents Duncan and Sarah Livingston.

Duncan Livingston of Bachuil and Dorothy Livingston of Achuaran in the years following their marriage locate at Ballimachillican where children Adam 1826, John 1827, Sarah 1829 and Bell (Isabel) 1829 are born.


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