Duncan Livingstone & Dorothy Livingstone of Ballimachillican

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Duncan Livingstone & Dorothy Livingstone of Ballimachillican

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HI All,

Duncan Livingston and his wife Dorothy also a Livingston after their marriage abt. 1825? lived at Ballimachillican, Lismore a short distance west of Bachuil where the Baron of Bachuil resided. Dorothy Livingston was born Feb. 10, 1806 at Achuaran, Lismore interestingly enough the youngest child of Duncan Livingstone and his Christina (Christy) McLean of Achuaran.

Children of Duncan Livingston and Dorothy Livingston of Ballemachillican near Bachuil, Lismore
1. Adam b. abt. 1826 Ballimachilican died before 1841.
2. John b. abt. 1827 married Mary Carmichael June 2, 1863 in Lismore, Argyll Church of Scotland
3. Sarah b. abt. 1829 m. John Carmichael in May 8,1848 Greenock Parish, Lanarkshire (Went to America)
4. Bell b. 1831 m. Jan. 24, 1856 at Lismore,Dugald Livingston of Balure, Lismore b. abt. 1828 son of John and Jane Livingston

1841 Scottish Census
Ballemachilican, Lismore Argyll
Duncan (Dan) Livingstone age 50
Sally Livingstone (Dorothy) age 35
John Livingstone age 13
Sally Livingstone age 11 (Should be Sarah)
Bell Livingstone age 9

Nothing is known about Adam Livingston the eldest son of Duncan and Dorothy Livingston and it appears that he died sometime in the 1820's or 1830's as he does not appear in the 1841 Census listed with the rest of the family or anywhere in Scotland.
John Livingstone son of Duncan and Dorothy Livingston remained with his family at the Livingston farm at Ballimachillican. HIs sister Sally better known as Sarah Livingston left home in the 1840's and married John Carmichael in 1848. They subsequently departed for Canada and later ended up in the United States where Bachuil Lismore related Livingstons had already settled earlier. More on Sarah Livingstone and John Carmichael her husband also of Lismore below.

Sarah Livingstone married John Carmichael (1822-1884) son of Dougald Carmichael of Lismore on May 8, 1848 in Greenock Parish. Perhaps their original intention was to settle in Canada where they briefly lived for a couple of years after arriving in the year 1852. Their first child was apparently born in 1854 in St. Thomas, Elgin County Ontario, Canada. Elgin County in the mid 1800's had a significant population of Scottish settlers at that time. Their later U.S Census records confirm that their first child was born in Canada abt. 1854 .About a yearlater they ended up in Randolph County, Illinois in the Sparta Area where Lachlan, then his brothers John and Alexander and finally in 1857 their cousin Coll Livington was to settle at. John Carmichael and his wife Sarah Carmichael (Sarah Livingstone) appear in Randolph County, Illinois living in the Sparta post office area and are recorded in both the 1860 and 1870 Census records. John Carmichael is also record in the 1865 Illinois State census as a resident of Sparta as is his wife Sarah's first cousin Coll Livingstone recorded by mistake as "Collin" Livingstone. Not to be confuse with Collin Livingstone of Bachuil Livingstone who oddly enough was an actual brother of Coll Livingstone back in Bachuil.

Known Children of Sarah Livingston and John Carmichael of Lismore, Argyll
1. John Livingston Carmichael b. 1848 died 1921
2. Mary Carmichael b. Sept. 7,1854 St. Thomas, Elgin County, Ontario d. Nov. 8, 1941 Plainville, Rooks County, Kansas M. Oct. 29, 1874 Oakdale Washington County, Illinois USA Dougald Carmichael b. June 14, 1848 Lismore, Argyll d. Nov. 2, 1914 Plainville, Rooks County, Kansas
3. Dora Carmichael McCauley b. 1858 d. 1932
4. Sarah Belle Carmichael McCLurken 1863-1932
5. Christina Carmichael Robinson b. 1870 d.1932
6. Charles Carmichael born abt. 1873

By the 1880 Census John Carmichael farmer age 59 and his wife and Sarah Carmichael age 53 are residing on a farm in Elkton Washington County, Illinois with their youngest children C. age 14, Christianna age 10 and Charley age 7. Sarah's husband John Carmichael was born April 9, 1822 in Lismore, Argyll, Scotland and died Nov. 29 1884 in Swank Perry County, Illinois. Later Sarah ended up before 1910 living with her son Charley and his family in Rooks County Kansas where she died May 7, 1920. at Vassar, Ossage County, Kansas.

Sarah Livingstone's parents Duncan Livingstone and Dorothy Livingstone are recorded in the 1841, 1851, 1861 and 1871 Census records residing in Balemachlichen, Lismore though the spelling in the original census record documents apparently made locating them a bit of a challenge, but eventually I did. Duncan Livingstone her father died August 14, 1879. More on that 1879 information in a later update of this information. Interestingly Sarah's brother John Livingston married a Mary Carmichael another apparent Lismore Carmichael family connection in this Livingstone family. In Duncan and Dorothy Livington's last census at Bailemachlichen, Lismore in 1871 we can see the Carmichael family connection once again.

Last Argyll, Scotland Census that Sarah Livington's (Mrs John Carmichael's) father is recorded in before his death in 1879.
1871 Scottish Census "Balimackillichan, Lismore, Argyll
Duncan Livingston age 83
Dorothy Livingston age 64
John Livingston age 43
Mary Carmichael age 29 (John's wife)
Duncan Livingston age 7
Jane Livingston age 5
Sarah Livingston age 3
Adam Livingston age 1

Sarah's father Duncan Livingston of" Balimackillichan, Lismore last living son of Baron John Livingstone 1746-1835 died on August 24, 1879.
The spelling is all over the place for this settlement or farm on the Island of Lismore where Sarah Livingstone was born in 1830 and where father Duncan Livingstone and Sarah's family lived in the 1800's but according to an 1871-1872 OS Map it is spelled Balimackillichan and was next to Bachuil where Baron John Livingstone's and his son Coll Livingstone's family and kin lived in the 1800's. So it stands to reason that LIvingstons at neighbouring Balimackillichan would likely be related to Baron John Livingstone and his son Baron Coll Livingstone of Bachuil. The fact also that Sarah settled in Sparta, Randolph County, Illinois in the mid 1800's as some neighbouring Livingstones of the Bachuil Livingstons also lends some credibility to the notion that Sarah's father Duncan was connected to and related to the Bachuil Livingtons but I am hoping that Sarah's father;s death record from 1879 as I mentioned can help to verify that he was infact a son of Baron John Livingstone of Bachuil, Lismore. More on this hopefully early next week.

Sarah Livingstone born March 12 1830 in Lismore Parish, Argyll died Nov 7, 1920 Vassar, Ossage County Kansas.
Sara Livingstone (Mrs John Carmichael's) grave Plainville, Plainville Cemetery, Rooks County, Kansas
http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cg ... p;ref=acom


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