Ross of Mull Livingstons of Grey County, Ontario

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Ross of Mull Livingstons of Grey County, Ontario

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Hi all,
For some time now, John Livingston a descendant of Angus Livingston 1775-1847 and Margaret Hall, Hale,or McPhail originally residents of Ross of Mull, Argyll and later Urisaig, Colonsay and have been trying to prove that his ancestor Angus Livington and Donald Livingston who was married to Christy Campbell and residing on Ross of Mull in the early 1800's to the time of their death in the 1860's was the brother of Angus livingston and son of Neil Livingston of Shiaba, Ross of Mull. We have some supporting information in the Argyllshire records to believe that Angus and Donald were brothers. This reworking of earlier discussions regarding this Donald Livingston and Christy Campbell of Ross of Mull, Argyll I am hoping with be of interest to any descendants of Donald and Christy to drop by this Clan Maclea Livingstone Forum possibly in the future.

This is a Work in progress regarding the previously discussed sons of Donald Livingston and his wife Christy Campbell of Ross of Mull who had four of their sons settle in Grey County, Ontario, Canada in the late 1840's and early 1850's. One son Neil apparently remained in Scotland. The focus here is the location of the gravestones and burial sites and gravestone info of the four sons of Donald and Christy and I also include some early 1861 and 1871 census info pertaining to these 4 sons of Donald and Christy of Ross of Mull, Argyll who settled in Canada. It should be noted that some of the gravestone and census info just not fit precisely with the birth or baptismal info in the Kilfinchen Parish, Ross of Mull info for these four sons of Donald Livingston and Christy Campbell which no doubt presents some confusion now and in the future. I will include the Ross of Mull info here as well that has been previously posted on website by John Livingston and myself. The main purpose of this revisiting of the Grey County Ross of mull Livingstons pioneer settlers sons of Donald Livingston and Christy Campbell of Ross of Mull, Mull, argyll is to locate descendants of these Grey County, Ontario Livingstons mentioned here and in the past by John Livingston and I.

Donald and Christy did not join their sons in Canada and instead chose to remain in Ross of Mull at Ardtun where they died in the 1860's. If any descendants of Alexander, Hugh or John Livingston listed here who settled in Grey County, Ontario in the mid 1850's would share your own family history story, we would greatly appreciate hearing from your Livingston family story here at our Clan Maclea Livingstone Forum.

1. Alexander Livingstone Gravestone states: 1811-1886 Burial: Rocky Saugeen Cemetery Rocky Saugeen, Bentinck Township, Grey County, Ontario, Canada (31/05/1812 Kilpatrick Kilfinichen Parish, Ross of Mull)
Annie his wife 1826 -1907 Plot 39 ( Alexander Livingstone and Annie Mckinnon m. Jan, 29, 1848 Kilfinchen Parish, Argyll Ross of Mull)
See 1871 Census Bentinck Township, Grey South County, Ontario ALex Livingston age 56, Ann age 44, Duncan 18, John 17 Malcolm 15, Donald 12 Jane 7 Christina 10 1861 Census Betinck Township Grey County, Canada West Alexander 42 Ann 34 Donald 11, Duncan 9 John 7

2.Hugh Livingstone Gravestone states: b. 1820 d. Feb. 10, 1888 Bentinck Township, Grey County, Ontario Burial: Rocky Saugeen Cemetery, Betinck Township, Grey County, Canada Plot 40 (b. 22/10/1809 Kilpatrick, Kilfinchen Parish, Ross of Mull)
See 1871 Census Bentinck Township, Grey South County Ontario, Hugh Levingston age 50, Margret age 50, Ann 23, ALexander 19, John 17, Archibald 15, Charles 15 1861 Census Bentinck Grey County, Canada West Hugh Levingston age 40 Mrs. Levingston age 40, FLory 16, Ann 14, Alex 12, John 10, Charles 8, Archibald 8 Donald 6 Sarah 4 (Hugh Livingston and his wife Margaret (McQuarrie) married 1844 according to 1861 Census)

3. John Livingstone b. abt. 1814 Asapol, Ross of Mull, Argyll d. 1883 Glenelg Township, Grey County, Ontario. Pioneer Cemetery, Priceville, Artemesia Township, Grey County, Ontario, Canada Gravestone states: "In Memory of John Livingston b.1814 died May 1,1883 age 68 yrs. a native of the Island of Mull,Argyleshire"
See 1871 Census Glenelg, Grey south County, Ontario John Livingstone age 58 Catharine 57 Niel 28 Betsy 22Alexander 20 Chirsty 18 John 16 1861 Census Glenelg, Grey County, Canada West John LIvingston age 48, Catharine 48, Neil 16, Betsy 14, Alexander 12, Christy 10 John 6

4 Duncan Livingstone.b. abt. 1817 Asapol, Ross of Mull,Argyll d. 1870? Glenelg Township, Grey County, Ontario likely buried Pioneer cemetery, Priceville, Artemesia Township Grey County, Ontario, Canada Surviving broken gravestone of Ann McPhail wife of Duncan Livingston d. 1882 at this cemetery. 1861 Census Glenelg, Grey County, Canada West Duncan Livngston farmer age 43, Ann (McPhail) age 40 (They did not have any children)

I am including a site with a map with the location of Bentinck, Glenelg, Artemesia and Egremont Townships in Grey County, Ontario Canada if anyone is interested. ... /grey.aspx

Interesting Details from Kilfinichen and Kilvickeon Parish records on Donald Livingston and Christy McLucas
Donald Livingston crofter at Kilpatrick and later Keeper? at Apolhol (Assapol?) and his wife Cirsty Campbell
Neil Livingston 11/03/1805 Apohol? ( I cant read the writing but it could be Assapol which was near Shiaba and Kilvickeon and a little south of Kilpatrick in south western Ross of Mull)
Jean Livingston 03/07/1807 Kilpatrick croft (located on Ross of Mull)
Hugh Livingston 22/10/1809 Kilpatrick croft
Alexander Livingston 31/05/1812 Kilpatrick croft
John Livingston 06/12/1814 Apohol (Assapol?)
Duncan Livingston 28/02/1817 Apohol (Assapol?)
Cirsty Livingston 26/08/1824 Apohol

Angus Livingston (military) Pensioner and Margaret Hale or Hall
John Livingston o7/02/1805 Kilpatrick (located on Ross of Mull)
Betty Livingston 25/04/1807 Kilpatrick
Cirsty Livingston 30/09/1809 Sebach ( Shiaba also recorded as Sheba) (located on Ross of Mull)

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