Gilbert Livingston b. 1690 of Kingston,Ulster Cty.New York

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Gilbert Livingston b. 1690 of Kingston,Ulster Cty.New York

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Hi Gary,
I am copying my earlier response to your message regarding your ancestry to Gilbert Livingston b. 1690 of Kingston, New York son of Robert Livingston to it's own posting so that it is more visible to yourself and other possible descendants of Gilbert Livingston or his father Robert Livingston of N.Y.

Sorry I have been busy lately and did not notice your response to my earlier posting.
Thanks for responding to my quest for possible Livingston descendants of Livingstons of Dutchess, Columbia or Albany County Livingston ancestry who may be connected to a New York State family Livingston family branch connected to Robert Livingston of Livingston Manor thought to be descended from the old titled Callendar LIvingstons of Stirlingshire, Scotland. Having made contact with a lady in England who I helped trace her family through documentation and prove she was definitely descended from the last of the 18th century Westquarter Livingstons descended from the oLd Callendar Livingstons of Stirlingshire got me motivated to try to locate more New York State Livingstons who might be connected to Robert Livingston of Livingston Manor or some of his later descendants and Livingston kin if possible. Appreciate very much you leaving a response. I am very interested to learn about what you know about your ancestral connection with Gilbert Livingston b.1690 of Kingston, NY and his wife Cornelia Beekman.

Would it be possible to share your known Livingston ancestral line with the Clan Maclea Livingstone Forum for example your Livingston grandfather, great-grandfather, great-great grandfather Livingston etc and their wives as far back as you can go with your paternal Livingston family line connected to New York State and before that Colonial New York if you can go that far back. Also the town and County in New York State for each ancestor would be helpful.

Also you should think about doing a Y chromosome DNA test with Familytreedna.
As Clan Commissioner Greg Livingston has recommended you should consider DNA testing which is quite popular these days as a means to help establish which Livingston family you most closely match and to familiarize yourself with those Livingstons who may be close genetic matches with you and therefore to some degree either close, relatively close or more distantly matching with your DNA results.

Many of us associated with Clan Maclea Livingston who are Livingstons are who have Livingston cousins have participated with Familytreedna and the Y Chromosome test for Livingstons. In the last 15 years there has been a significant number of Livingstons worldwide who have been tested via Familytreedna including some Livingstons of New York State Livingston origins who have family information linking them to Robert Livingston of Livingston Manor and his later descendants. Obviously the more Livingstons of New York State origin tested will be welcome additions to those already tested and identified in this specific Livingston group. If you are interested in DNA testing, Familytreedna has a Y Chromosome 67 marker test from time to time they have promotional sales with significant discounts on their 67 marker which I would recommend as it tests a good number of your DNA markers 67 for a better sense of who your closest Livingston matches are in the DNA project. Here is some info on the Y chromosome tests and below that the recent November Thanksgiving discounts available from Familytreedna for their Y chromosome 111Y test which is a little more exacting than 67 marker test I would imagine either the 67 marker test or the 111 test are available for a while in November discounted.

It is nice hearing from you and if you are able to provide your Livingston ancestral line generation by generation as mentioned it may help me get some idea your of Livingston family connection to Gilbert Livingston and/or the other historically known New York State Livingstons. I assume that you are ancestrally connected to one of the sons of Gilbert Livingston 1690-1746 and Cornelia Beekman, Uncle and Aunt of the signer of the U.S. Constitution Phillip Livingston you mentioned and who lived in Ulster County, NY or neighbouring Dutchess County NY. I was wondering if you were descended from Robert Gilbert Livingston b.1713 or his brother Henry Livingston b.1714. A number of Gilbert's son died young or never married apparently so I was thinking that you might be descended from either Robert Gilbert or Henry Livingston who were married. ... og/page/n6 ... rnelia.htm


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