John Livingston and Christie McPhee of Low Point, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

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John Livingston and Christie McPhee of Low Point, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

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Hi All,

In the past I have come across two descendants of a son John and another of a son Thomas of John Livingston 1784-1859 and Christie McPhee 1784-1874 pioneer Low Point, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia Scottish settler originally from highland Mull, Argyll. The descendants of their John Livingston I worked with together on the forum here and descendant of the son Laughlin I made was aware of by a family history related inquiry passed on to me some years ago now. In numerous posting and discussions here in the past we have discussed and shared family history info on John Livingston Sr. and Catherine McPhee. Here is a bit a condensed recap. Thought I would do a bit of an update on John Livingston Sr. of Low Point, Cape Breton as he is one of the earliest Argyllshire Livingstons to settle in Cape Breton in Nova Scotia.

John Livingston arrived possibly in 1806 firstly in PEI and in 1807 received a land grant in the Low Point, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia area. According to a John Livingston Jr's surviving 1900 obituary his John Livingston sr. was born in Mull. Some descendants of John and Christies eldest son John Jr. the family were also apparently aware that John and Christie's origins were in Mull and when John Livingston Sr. received his land grant he named his property in Cape Breton "Staffa" which is known to a small picturesque Island in the Mull, Argyll, Scotland area with scenic rock formations of great interest to locals and tourists alike in the 19th century. This would I think also certainly suggest a likely connection with Mull. And because of it inhospitable rockiness it is not really suitable for tenant farming so he more likely originated from one of tenant settlements in the parishes in Mull. (More to follow)

John Livingston died August 24, 1859 in Low Point, Cape Breton. His 1853 will mentions sons John, Laughlin, Alexander and Donald (Daniel) and daughters Ann, Catharine and a Donald McIntyre who apparently married a daughter Johanna? I have not seen this daughter Johanna in later descendant research info. John Sr's elderly widow Christie age 88 is according to the 1871 Canadian Census is residing in Lingan, Cape Breton with her son Daniel, his wife Margaret and their children. She died apparently a few years later in 1874.

Livingstone 120317. 67 markers and definitely in this group. John Livingstone, a Roman Catholic, arrived on PEI in July 1806 aboard the Brig Humphries, via Tobormory. John was the only Livingstone on the boat. He was listed as being 20 years old. Perhaps because Lord Selkirk treated Roman Catholics the same way as in Scotland John found his way to Cape Breton, which was not part of Nova Scotia; at that time. It is not known where in Scotland he came from but he named his land grant Staffa, and this family had a tradition of being indirectly related to Dr Livingstone. John lived and died and was buried on Low Point, Cape Breton. He died August 24, 1859. His will is dated February 1853 and mentions his sons John, Laughlin, Alexander and Donald (AKA Daniel or D.D.) and daughters Ann and Catherine as well as Donald McIntryre; who married daughter Johanna. His wife called herself Christy but, was either Christine or Christina. John Seniors son, John, died May 1, 1900. His obituary was published in the newspaper named the Casket: in it was mentioned that his father, John married a Miss McPhee. It also mentioned that John Jr. was born June 7, 1807.

Children of John Livingston 1784-1859 and Christy McPhee 1784-1874 pioneer settlers of Low Point, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

1.John Livingston Jr. born June 7, 1807 Low Point Cape Breton or PEI? died May 1, 1900 Victoria Mines, Cape Breton m. 1829 Ann McGilivray

2. Catharine Livingston

3. Ann Livingston

4. Alexander Livingston b. abt. 1815 Low Point, Cape Breton d.1886 ? married abt. 1841? Margaret Petrie b. 1820 Low Point, Cape Breton d. Sept. 28 1863 New Victoria, Cape Breton

5. Laughlin Livingston born Aug. 15, 1822 Low Point, Cape Breton d. Oct. 3, 1906? m. Feb. 22, 1848, Sydney, Nova Scotia, Anne Petrie b.Feb. 16, 1825 Low Point, Cape Breton d. abt. 1905 Cape Breton

6. Daniel Livingston b. May 1923 m. Feb. 9. 1852 Sydney, Nova Scotia d. 1913? Victoria Mines, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia Margaret Walsh b.Dec. 28, 1828 Sydney, Cape Breton d. Oct. 4, 1908 Sydney, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia
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