Scots to Canada

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Scots to Canada

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Canadian Livingstone
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Re: Scots to Canada

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Hi John,

Regarding the author's comments of Scottish settlement in the Maritimes in Nova Scotia and PEI virtually all of the Scottish Livingston settler families I have come across in my research of early 19th century in Nova Scotia and neighbouring Prince Edward Island were natives of Western Argyllshire and of those almost all with a couple of exceptions were Mull Livingstons with one exception from Morvern but lived briefly in Mull and the other from nearby Colonsay, another who linked their ancestor to Fort William, Inverness shire but likely has a Mull ancestral connection somewhere in their Livingston ancestral line. And interestingly of those Livingstons of 19th century Maritime Canadian Livingston family Origin, those who so far are participating in the familytreedna project are known to be a part of the Parker Livington group.


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Re: Scots to Canada

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So.... PEI and Nova Scotia were mainly where they relocated to? Anyone ever see a Livingstone listed anywhere else in Canada? Should it be assumed that research should start in those two areas because of the main influx of immigrants?

My DNA results say my ancestors were from the Highlands and Islands, specifically Argyll & Bute.

Anyone ever find a relative that was Scottish and sent over to Canada as a child to be a helper for a canadian family? Basically child slavery.
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