Greetings from a new member!

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Alex L
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Greetings from a new member!

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Hello all! Just wanted to say hello to fellow Livingstones around the world. It pleases me that there is such a community out there helping each other stay connected to their familial roots. As I continue my ancestral research (much of which has been aided by the forum), I hope that it will one day lead me to Scotland! It has been exciting for me to find the relatively small area in which my Livingstone ancestors settled in North Carolina. Thanks for all the research everyone has done.

Alex L.
Canadian Livingstone
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Re: Greetings from a new member!

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Hi Alex,

On behalf of Clan Maclea Livingstone and the Clan Society I am glad to hear that the Anson County North Carolina Livingstone information regarding Scottish settler Angus Livingston and his family on this Forum was of interest and helpful to you. We had two Livingstons descendants of Angus Livingston's son John and most recently one descendant of his son Duncan participating in the DNA project who is quite well informed on Angus Livingston so the thinking is that by posting information on the Anson County Livingstons will encourage descendants of Angus like yourself to visit this Forum. It is not uncommon also for Livingston and their related kin her on the Forum when doing ancestral research to find cousins they have never met before who share a common interest in genealogy. Your kind words are greatly appreciated I am sure by all who have contributed to this forum over the years.

I don't know for certain where ancestor Angus Livingston was born in Scotland, but I would think it very likely it was in one of the parishes of Western Argyllshire such as Mull, Morvern, Ardnamurchan, Lismore or Appin. Let us know if your considering a trip to Scotland in 2019. There are a number of Livingstons in our Clan and in our Clan Society who can suggest places to visit in Argyllshire connected to the Livingtones, if you want to really experience the Western Argyllshire neighbourhood of our Livingstone ancestors and their related kin. Let me know if your interested in joining our Clan Society. Greg Livingstone is our Clan Commissioner for North America. Do you and your Livingstone family still reside in North Carolina? Are you familiar with the Grandfather Mt. highland games in North Carolina? It is interesting that there were at least four Livingston families that settled southern North Carolina in four neighbouring counties near the South Carolina border: Richmond, Robeson, Anson and Montgomery Counties. Next project regarding North Carolina Livingston is to try locate Livingston descendants of the Robeson County Livingstons which we have not as yet been in contact with via the forum or the Livingstone DNA project. I have found the North Carolina Livingstons from these Counties that I have been in contact over the last ten years to be very proud of their highland Livingston heritage and I have learned that there are great many other Argyllshire descendants of other clans that like the Livingstons settled in North Carolina in the 1700's or early 1800's.

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