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Livingstone Descendants Book

Posted: Thu Jul 08, 2021 10:08 pm
by RLivingstone
When my dad passed, there a book that he had that I wanted but my brother took it. It was supposedly a history of the Livingstone's..... the cover was dark red, paperbound and it was just stapled together. I know it's a long shot but does anyone remember seeing a book about Livingstone's that looked like this? He passed in 2003 and I have no idea how long he had it.

Re: Livingstone Descendants Book

Posted: Sun Jul 11, 2021 7:12 pm
by Canadian Livingstone
Hi R Livingstone,
Not sure which book that would be.
I don't know of a Red and white book on the History of the Livingstones/Livingston written prior to 2003 and which contain family trees. The only published books detailing a Livingston family group which one or both contain detailed family trees I know of were two written by Edwin Brockholst Livngston and published in the early 1920's but they focus very narrowly on a number of Livngston family branches connected to the the Old lowland Aristocratic Callendar Stirlingshire County Scottish families and one connected to a family member Robert Livingston who settled in New York a became a wealthy landowner in that colony during the Reign of Charles the second in the 1600's, all a part of the old aristocratic lowland Callendar Stirlingshire County family. Before 2003 there were some very small accounts of the history of our Clan highland Maclea Livingstones in some highland clan related publications but no book dedicated solely to Livingston family history with family trees that I am aware published before 2003. Often people doing genealogy self publish a family history book and include family trees and have it professionally soft cover bound and get a few copies printed and they often don't do a second printing make them very scarce. I really can't say what Livingston book your Father had and where it came from unfortunately.

Regarding your own ancestor William Livingston I have noticed a few Livingstons on the have shared some family trees which include your ancestor William Livingston but I don't see that any them really seem to be certain who William Livingston's parents were with some speculation with a few that William's father was one of the wealthy 19th century Ontario Livingstons who was involved in a wealthy flax business. I did research this William Livingston son of the Livingston connected to the flax business and definitely is not your ancestor William Livingston. He was residing in Canada according to census records long after your ancestor was in America for one thing. So I think we have to rule him out. I did however check that out wanting to leave stone unturned in my search for ancestor of William Livingston. I notice actually that many of those who mention your ancestor William Livngston your family most of them if I recall correctly did not have much info on all of William and his wife's children that we were looking at. I was of course hoping that some distant relative of yours might have posted some plausible info regarding who William's parents were on their ancestry. com Livingston family trees but in reality I did regretably not find that to be the case when I looked at the Livingston family tree submissions with your ancestor William Livingston mentioned. Most Livingston family trees aren't published in books but if one is looking for Livingston family trees pertaining to their Livingston ancestors if they have membership access to then would be very wise to do so.