Samuel Livingston and Mary Horton lot 64 Queens County, PEI

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Samuel Livingston and Mary Horton lot 64 Queens County, PEI

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Hi all,

work in progress
Samuel Livington and Mary Horton and family of Lot 64 Queens County, Prince Edward Island. Information from a land map suggests they lived closer to the town of Hopefield than Muray Harbour in Lot 64, Queens County in the late 1800's. Their son George Thomas Livingston "Thomas" states in his later U.S info that he born in Hopefield and Murray Harbour but the land map seems to suggest that Samuel owned land near the village of Hopefield. A John Livingston also purchased a few lots nearby Samuel in the Hopefield area of Lot 64 Queens County and I am wondering if that refers to his son John or another John Livingston. A study of these deeds in the future at the PEI archives might help to answer this question.

Samuel Livingston born Prince Edward Island May 14, 1851 or 1852 of Scottish ancestry d. 1941 Lot 64, Queens County, PEI. Father born in Scotland or PEI Mother born in PEI according to Canadian Census info. Wife Mary Horton b. Aug 28, 1859 d. 1933 Lot 64, Queens County, PEI They lived in the Murray Harbour area Lot 64 King County, PEI area?, but Samuel, Mary and some of their children buried in Murray River Cemetery.

Known Children
John Livingston b. May 14, 1878 b. Murray River probably at Murray Harbour
Jane Livingston b. Sept 18, 1880 PEI b. Murray River probably at Murray Harbour
George Livingston b. abt. 1880 d. 1891 (according to Murray River cemetery info)
Flora Isabella Livingston b. Aug. 22, 1882 Murray River probably at Murray Harbour d. 1884 baptized Oct. 23, 1882
Joseph Livingston b. March 12, 1886 PEI b. Murray River probably at Murray Harbour
Thomas Livingston b. Sept 27, 1893 Murray Harbour or nearby Hopefield PEI (Moved to Maine, USA in 1913 from PEI Full name: George Thomas Livingston born Sept 27 1893/1894 in PEI according to US records as well) Apparently named George after the death of his older brother George but referred to by the family as "Thomas" and in Canadian Census records. In official documents George Thomas Livingston in States.
Myra Livingston b. May 28,1899 Murray River

Samuel Livingston and his wife Mary Horton are buried in the Murray River Cemetery in Murray River, Lot 64, Kings County, PEI
Curiously there does not seem to be any "documented" information regarding the parents of Samuel Livingston. The census information tells that Samuel was of "Scottish ancestry" but born in PEI. The only clues I found in two census records one which states that both his father and mother were born in Prince Edward Island and another PEI census which states that the father was born in Scotland and the mother in PEI. Not much but this info connects him to a father of Scottish ancestry either born in PEI or born in Scotland.

The old Lot 64 Land map notes that Samuel Livingston purchased along Grey Road near village of Hopefield 95 acres? Deed A20/95 and a John Livingston possible Samuel's son John purchased 101 acres Deed A21/104 and other lots in the area.

I also noticed another Lot 64 land map that listed a Donald Livingston along the Grey Road near Hopefield residing on 194 acres which is perhaps this above mentioned land be farmed by a later relative.


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