John son of Duncan Livingstone Jr. of Achuaran,Lismore

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John son of Duncan Livingstone Jr. of Achuaran,Lismore

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HI All,
A 2004 update
In 2004 our Clan Maclea Livingstone Forum came into being as result of the efforts of our Clan Chief Baron Niall Livingstone. Over years since then numerous Livingstones/Livingstons and some Macleays/Macleas have contacted us with requests for genealogy information or to share with us their family research. In March 16th of 2004 Robert Alexander Livingstone was one of the first, contacting us on March 16, 2004. Robert Alexander Livingstone had previously done enough research to identify that his ancestor John Livingstone born in Lismore, Argyll about 1830 was the son of Duncan Livingstone and Christina McLean of Lismore, Argyll and that John Livingstone married a Euphemia McIntyre born abt. 1830 in Glasgow.

Rob Livingstone of California our late Clan Commissioner and at the time Livingston Surname Project Coordinator responded to Robert Alexander Livingstone's information and inquiries with some knowledge regarding the Lismore Livingstones as he is descended from a family branch of the Bachuil Livingstones and also a cousin of our Clan Chief Baron Livingstone. Rob states,
" Good news is that if you have documentation to John Livingstone, born at Lismore (as indicated by the census records), then you have a few relatives including Baron Livingstone of Lismore(and his family) and my family (from California) as distant cousins. The DNA testing should confirm that. When I do the math from the 1881 Census, it would put John's birthdate at 1828, not 1830. Do you concur? If that is the case, they he is likely John, the son of Duncan Livingstone (born 26 Oct 1788)and Dorothy Livingstone. John's birthdate was 28 Dec 1827. He would have been the grandson of Baron John Livingstone (born circa 1745) and Sarah MacLachlan."

As an update to Rob's response at the time, I have to correct him on this as he was incorrect. (My apologies for this Rob.) Our 2004 forum visitor Robert Alexander Livingston is actually correct that his ancestor John Livingstone was the son of a Duncan Livingston and Christina McLean of Achuaran, Lismore, Argyll and not Duncan and Sally Livingston of Ballimachillican, Lismore of Bachuil, Lismore Argyll whom Rob of California is descended from. The actual birth date of Robert Alexander Livingstone's ancestor John Livingstone in later years a wood sawyer living in Lanarkshire is not precisely clear and accurate from the census records unfortunately but his baptism record from Lismore states he was baptized in 1830. Most importantly though I was able to verify that Robert Alexander Livingstone is correct in stating that his ancestor John Livingstone who was married to Euphemia McIntyre is the son of the Duncan Livingston and Christina or Christie McLean as this is what John Livingstone's 1914 death record stated with this information supplied by one his sons at the time. Not sure where Robert Alexander Livingston got his info regarding the parents of his ancestor John Livingstone but the 1914 death record definitely confirms that his ancestor was born in Lismore around 1830 at Achuaran, Lismore and baptized in 1830 the son of Duncan Livingstone and Christina or Christie Mclean. This ruined croft and adjacent barn is part of some property that was for sale at Achuaran. Could this cottage ruins once been home to this John Livingston b. 1830 and his family and parents Duncan Livingston Jr. and Christy Mclean in the 1830's.

JOhn's census records in Lanarkshire with his family the years after his 1851 marriage to his wife Euphemia also confirm his birthplace and origin as being in Lismore, Argyll. While his death record indicates he was 82 on July 5th 1914 which suggests his birth about 1831 or 1832 his baptism records occurred in 1830 a bit odd but it seems definitely clear that he is the John Livingston son of Duncan Livingston and Christina McLean of Achuaran, Lismore rather Duncan and Sally Livingston of Ballimachillican, Lismore. In the 1871 Census you can see that Duncan, Sally and some of their children including son John are residing at Ballimachan Lismore. Duncan interesting to note was the last living son of Baron John (Maconlea) Livingstone living till the year 1879 in Lismore. But this Duncan and Sally Livingston are the late Rob Livington's ancestors but not Robert Alexander Livington's ancestor John Livingston's parents Duncan Livingstone and Christy McLean who resided actually at Achuoran, Lismore. That being said it may be that Robert Alexander Livingston's ancestor the other Duncan Livingston and his son John Livingston who resided at Achuoran, Lismore may also be related the other Livingston family at Ballimachillican and therefore also connected to Bachuil Livingstones in some way. Quite possible.

This forum posting from 2004 is now about 14 years old. It don't know if Robert Alexander Livingston did the Y Chromosome familytree DNA test as our former Clan Commissioner Rob Livingstone did, but if Robert Alexander Livingstone has not then doing this test with familytreedna would be the best way to help establish his Archouran, Argyll Llivingtons family connection with the Bachuil LIvingstons a number of have been tested over the years since this early Forum inquiry including Rob and Baron Livingstone.

Here is some info regarding John Livingstone b. abt. 1830 son of Duncan livingstone and Christina (Christy) McLean of Achuaran, Isle of Lismore, Argyll beginning with his death record confirming his parents are actually Duncan Livingstone and Christina Mclean
John Livingstone widower died age 82 wood sawyer son of Duncan Livingstone and Christina Mclean on July 5, 1914 at District of Rollox, Burgh of Glasgow, Lanarkshire

The Lismore Argyll Baptisms records for the Church of Scotland state that Duncan Livingstone and Christie Mclean of Achuoron, Argyll had 3 children baptized John Livingstone June 5, 1830, Catherine Livingstone Nov. 14, 1832, Alexander Livingstone Sept. 3, 1836 and despite the age info in the death record this appears to be definitely Robert Alexander Livingston ancestor and his kin recorded in these baptism records from the old Lismore Parish church.

Robert Alexander Livingstone in 2004 kindly included some detailed family info regarding the children of his ancestor John Livingstone and his wife Euphemia McIntyre. John and Euphemia married on March 1, 1851 in Dunblane Perthshire

Children of John Livingstone and Euphemia McIntyre

1. Duncan Livingston b. abt. 1851 Larkhall, Lanarkshire

2. Angus Livingstone b. Feb. 7, 1855

3. John Livingstone b. March 31, 1857 Greenock, Renfrewshire

4. Christina Livingstone b. April 3, 1859 Greenock, Renfrewshire

5. Isabella Livingstone b. March 24,1861 Hutchestown, Lanarkshire

6. Alexander Livingstone b. March 20, 1863 Hutchestown, Lanarkshire

7. James Livingstone b. March 30, 1865 Glasgow, Lanarkshire

8. Euphemia Livingstone b. Feb. 28, 1867 Glasgow, Lanarkshire

9. Allan Livingstone b. Dec. 1, 1868 Glasgow

10. Dugald Colquhoun b. April 30, 1871 Glasgow

11. Malcolm McCorkindale b. abt. 1872 or 1873 Springburn, Lanarkshire


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