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Subscribing to Forums

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Hi all,

If you are not a frequent visitor to the Clan Forum, but you do want to keep an eye on things here via email, you can use the "Subscribe" feature of phpbb message boards. (We're still working on digest mode for these, more on that later.)

How to "subscribe"?

Under any Forum you're interested in following, for instance, "Ancestral Search"--if you scroll to the very bottom of the window on the lower left, you will see the words "Subscribe Forum." If you click that and follow the instructions, the Forum will automatically email you when any new topics are added to that Forum. There is a maximum of 1 time this will happen, so you won't get flooded with these messages. Until you visit the Forum, new notifications are disabled.

You can also watch particular topics to see if new messages are posted, in the same way. Within any topic, if you scroll to the bottom, you can see the option to subscribe in the lower left. The difference there is that other topics in the same Forum will be ignored, but that topic will be watched or "subscribed."

I hope this is useful to people!

One note: You will not be notified of your own new topics or replies to existing topics, but when OTHER people reply or create new topics, you will be notified!

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