Donald Livingston and Ann Wheeler Lot 63, Kings county, PEI

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Donald Livingston and Ann Wheeler Lot 63, Kings county, PEI

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Hi All,

Not too far from Samuel Livingston I just discussed of Lot 64, Queens County, a north east of Samuel in neighbouring Lot 63 Kings County was Donald Livingston his wife Ann Wheeler and their family in the 1800's. They lived near Murray River but in the neighbouring County of Lot 63, but are referred to as the Murray River Livingstons by some. Their son George and probably the rest of their children were baptized at the Presbyterian Church in nearby Murray Harbour which I assume was the Presbyterian church they attended as a family.
Donald Livingstone (known as Daniel to some of his family apparently) was born abt. 1821 or much earlier than that around 1815 in Prince Edward Island and died January 4, 1901 in the Murray River area of Lot 63, Kings County, Prince Edward Island. I think the family including his son George Westie Livingston lived just north of the Murray River on the opposite side of the village of Murray River. His parents are unknown, but the 1891 Census does indicate that his Father and Mother were both born in Scotland. So his parents were in PEI either before 1815 or before 1820 at the latest. So one can assume whoever they were, they arrived in Prince Edward Island from Scotland in the early 1800's. His wife Ann Wheeler b. whom he married in 1841 was born abt. 1823? in Prince Edward Island and d. January 29, 1901. Her Parents are thought to have been according to a family source George Wheeler b. May 16, 1799 d. May 171862 and his wife Jane Buchananon b. 1780's d. Oct. 6, 1864. There were a number of Wheeler families that I noticed on a 19th century map lived along the south side of the Murray River, but I don't know if or how they are related to Donald's wife. Donald Livingston and family lived across the river on the north side of it near the village Murray River which was situated on the Murray River, but attended the Presbyterian Free Church about five miles away in the village of Murray Harbour or at least had their children baptized there.
The Surviving Murray Harbour Presbyterian Free church Baptism and Birth records of Donald and Ann Livingston are some help reconstructing this family:
Donald Livingston and Ann Wheeler children were:
1. James Livingston m. Matilda McLeod
2.Ann Livingston b. June 24 of 1847 or 1848 PEI d. May 18, 1927 Buried Murray River Cemetery married George Murdock b. abt. Nov. 26, 1840 or 1843? d. Dec. 9, 1918 Buried Murray River Cemetery
3. Emma Livingston b. Oct. 9, 1852
4.Jane"Jennie" Livingston
5. Mary Livingston b.June 15, 1855 Baptized Murray Harbour July 15, 1855 d.22 Sept. 1940 Lower Montague, PEI M. Edwin Parkman in 1877
6. Sarah Livingston b. Dec 6, 1857 baptized Murray Harbour March 7, 1858
7. George Westie Livingston b. Feb. 8, 1860 Murray Harbour baptized Feb. 21, 1860 d. 1941 Lot 63, Kings County PEI m. Sept 24, 1890 Catharine Murdock b. 1857 d. 1946
8. Huldah Livingston b. July 20, 1862 Murray Harbour baptized Sept 7, 1862
9. Cartney Livingston b. Aug. 17, 1867 baptized January 28, 1868 Murray Harbour

Some info from the old Pioneer cemetery at Murray River regarding Donald, Ann and son George W.
Donald Livingston b. 1815 d. January 29, 1901
Ann Livingston (his wife) b. 1823 d. January 4, 1901
George W. Livingston b. 1860 d. 1941
Catharine Murdock Livingston (his wife) b. 1857 d. 1946

The only Canadian Census I found the family in was the 1891 Census
Lot 63 Kings County, Prince Edward Island
Donald Livingston age 68 born abt. 1823 PEI Fathers birthplace: Scotland, Mothers birthplace Scotland ( as there is no surviving birth or baptism records for Donald I can't verify that this is correct. I am also noting that some researchers are stating his birth as 1821 but not certain of the original source of that. Both are different than his birth date on his gravestone. The gravestone states 1815
Ann Livingston age 65 born abt. 1826 ( The gravestone date is 1823)
George W. Livingston age 31
Catharine Livingston age 30 (the census info indicates this was a daughter but I think is a daughter in law of Donald, actually George's wife Catharine Murdock. )

The info from the 1891 Canadian Census clearly indicates that Donald's parents arrived in PEI before 1823 and his gravestone which suggests he was born as early as 1815 suggests they arrived sometime before the year 1815 from Scotland but who were they, where did they come and where did they settle in PEI? The answers to those questions still elude me. An early Map of Lot 63 indicates that sometime between 1851 and 1866 Donald Livingston acquired 50 acres of land on the north side of Murray River across from the where the village of Murray River was located. A later map shows that his son George Westie Livingston took ownership of this land in Lot 63 Kings County, PEI after his father. The Deed in the PEI archives may indicate the year when Donald first settled on this land and when he transferred the lot to his son George.


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